Physical Plan

Homeopathy – our excellent homeopathic doctors will create a
unique programme for you for strengthen your health (we work with children as well as adults).  Our cosy atmosphere and unique knowledge are here to guard Your health.
Shaping of your body and soul with personalized nutritional programme – exercises on one-to-one basis, unique programme, certified trainer.
Yoga for adults and children, yoga-pilates, express-lunch time-yoga. Retreats with international celebrity – Vinay Menon, master yoga teacher of Roman Abramovich and “Chelsea” football club.
Cigun gymnastics: Improve Your physical and mental work efficiency, develop your will power and attention, work on your abilities to make the right decisions.
The art of intimate relationships (vumbuilding) – open seminars,
unique methods and training devices, trainers and programmes from Moscow.  The best trainers in the world will help you solve any intimate problems that you may have.